Festival attendance rules

Below is the list of prohibited items and behavior at the Positive Hack Days cyberfestival. These rules will help to make the event comfortable and safe for visitors of all ages.

The following is not allowed:

  1. Bringing sharp and dangerous objects to the event
  2. Smoking
  3. Bringing and consuming alcoholic, drugs or psychotropic products
  4. Starting a fire or using pyrotechnics
  5. Swimming in the river or ponds
  6. Bringing in animals taller than 30 cm
  7. Riding any kind of transport aside from wheelchairs, including bicycles, scooters, and balance bikes
  8. Using quadcopters
  9. Causing damage to the festival and park objects, including vegetation
  10. Moving the festival property, such as poufs, chairs, or decorations

Take these rules into consideration when planning your visit to Positive Hack Days.