thrEat reSearch Camp: large defensive track at PHDays


Initially, PHDays was centered around attacks, vulnerabilities, and hack techniques. However, we think that it is equally important to pay attention to cyberattack protection methods. Starting from 2019, a large technical defensive track called thrEat reSearch Camp has been organized at the forum along with the offensive track.

As was planned by the Positive Technologies Expert Security Center (PT ESC), this track became a platform for defensive experts to share their experience. During the two days, experts will discuss new APT campaigns, share effective methods and tools for detecting incidents, darkweb monitoring, and open sources’ analysis. They will also pick apart complex malware.

Elmar Nabigaev, Deputy Director of PT Expert Security Center and Head of the thrEat reSearch Camp program committee explains: «Cyberattacks can affect even top public officials and present an acute risk for any company. However, as before, very few people know how to deal with cyberattacks effectively. Our platform continues to be a space where experts share their opinion and knowledge on current threats and protection methods.»

Oleg Skulkin, Senior Digital Forensic Analyst at Group-IB, will give a talk in which he will explain how to stop analyzing ransomware and start collecting actionable CTI data for your team.

Alexey Pronin, CISO at, will talk about tactics and techniques hackers use to attack financial institutions, ways of penetrating the company’s internal information systems, and protection methods.

Sergey Golovanov, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky, will talk about the most impressive incident response activities over the past two years—with a focus on APT and analysis of fashionable, stylish, modern virtual and remote infrastructure.

It is but a small part of our rich program. Keep an eye on the news at the forum’s site.

The forum's co-organizer Innostage will deploy and maintain The Standoff's infrastructure, monitor and control the teams' actions. Rostelecom-Solar, a Russian provider of information security services and technologies, has become a business partner of the forum. PHDays technology partners: Russian private grocery chain Azbuka vkusa, e-payment service, and e-banking software developer iSimpleLab. PHDays exhibitors: Axoft, CrossTech Solutions Group, ICL, OCS Distribution, R-Vision, Security Vision, and Jet Infosystems. ARinteg will be partner of the forum's contest program.