Consent to the processing of personal data

(hereinafter the Consent)

I, in compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law № 152-FZ "On Personal Data" from 27.07.2006 and the Federal Law № 38-FZ "On Advertising" from 13.03.2006, acting of my own free will and in my own interest, hereby consent to the processing by JSC Positive Technologies (OGRN 1077761087117, hereinafter the Company) of my personal data submitted during registration, subscription to mailing lists, filling in of an application form on the Company's website (hereinafter the website), and sent using the website.

Personal data means any information belonging to me as a subject of personal data, including surname, name, patronymic, passport data, INN, SNILS, date and place of birth, residence address, contact information (home, mobile, and work phone numbers, email address), marital status, education, profession, place of work, as well as information about me that will become known during the execution of agreements (in case of any agreements between me and the Company), bank details, and other information about me from publicly available sources.

I agree that in order to process my personal data, the Company has the right to collect, record, systematize, accumulate, analyze, use, extract, distribute, transfer to any other third party, receive, process, store, amend (update, modify), anonymize, block, delete, and destroy my personal data while maintaining databases using automated, mechanical, and manual means:

  • To maintain and update the user and client database.
  • To obtain and analyze statistics on the sales volume and the quality of provided services and software products.
  • To carry out marketing campaigns.
  • To conduct surveys and studies to identify user or customer satisfaction and continuously improve the level of services provided.
  • To inform me about services provided by the Company, software products offered, events, promotions, and other activities.
  • To advertise and otherwise promote software products, goods, and services on the market by means of direct contact with me and other users or customers.
  • To provide technical support in processing information, documentation, and personal data with and without automation tools.

I give my consent and authorize the Company to combine personal data into an information system of personal data and process my personal data with or without automation tools or other software. The Company works with information systems of personal data according to an algorithm (collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, use, blocking, destruction, and so on). The methods of data processing include but are not limited to the following: automatic verification of postal codes with a code database, automatic verification of street names, human settlements, clarification of data by contacting me (by mail, email, phone (including mobile phone), and the Internet), segmentation of the information base using specified criteria, and periodic contact with me by phone (including mobile phone), email, or the Internet.

I am informed that the intended users of personal data are employees of the Company and its affiliates (as well as persons hired under an independent contractor agreement).

I agree that as part of the processing of personal data, the Company has the right to transfer it to third parties (including server owners, organizations that provide communication services, including calls, SMS mailings, any other types of mailings and notifications, organizations that provide services for conducting surveys and studies, and other organizations), and RUVENTS LLC (INN 7703806326, OGRN 1147746160320).

I hereby acknowledge and confirm that if the Company needs to provide my personal data to any third parties to achieve the above purposes, as well as when engaging third parties to provide services under a contract for the above purposes, the Company may disclose my personal data to such third parties, including consultants, partners, providers, contractors, agents, and other persons authorized by them to perform actions under the contract, to the extent required. In addition, I acknowledge and confirm that this consent is deemed given by me to any third parties listed above, subject to the above conditions, and that any such third parties have the right to process my personal data in ways similar to those in which the Company is authorized by me to do so.

I am aware that:

  • This consent to the processing of my personal data is indefinite and can be withdrawn by a written request sent to the Company. The date of withdrawal is the day following the date of delivery to the Company of the written request for withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data, and the Company will remove my data within a reasonable period of time.
  • I have the right to access my personal data, request its amendment (updating, changing), removal, and destruction if the Company processes it in a way that violates my legitimate rights and interests or the legislation of the Russian Federation.

I undertake to immediately notify the Company of any changes in my personal data by submitting supporting documents.

I hereby confirm that I am the subject of the personal data provided and that this data is accurate.